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Accelerometers sense linear motion in space, enabling applications such as motion user interface, game motion control and navigation. mCube's single-chip accelerometers uniquely deliver a superior combination of performance, size and cost required by today's motion-enabled consumer electronics.

An eCompass combines an accelerometer with a magnetometer in a single-package, enabling accurate directional pointing for map orientation and navigation applications. mCube's eCompass provides a 10x improvement in pointing accuracy in comparison to today’s Hall Effect technology.

Gyroscopes provide fluid and accurate angular motion estimation for gaming, image stabilization and navigation. The significantly lower noise of the mCube 3D technology enables reduced gyroscope drift, a critical requirement for advanced applications including accurate indoor navigation.

eMotion Sensor Platform

mCube 3-axis Accelerometer mCube 3-axis Accelerometer

The mCube eMotion Sensor Platform combines single-chip motion sensors with tuned software algorithms to enable optimized application-specific motion solutions for consumer devices.

eMotion™ Sensor Platform