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mCube is a fabless semiconductor company enabling a new generation of motion aware consumer devices. mCube designs and develops a portfolio of highly accurate and cost-effective single-chip motion sensors that are utilized by consumer electronics companies to improve user interactivity and enable new motion-based applications. mCube is addressing a dynamic and rapidly growing market. The consumer motion sensor market is growing in excess of 20% per year, and is expected to exceed $2.6 billion by 2015.

Increasingly accurate and intelligent motion sensors connect mobile users to a more dynamic and compelling user experience:

  • Motion-enabled user interfaces allow fluid tap, shake and flip to speed access to desired information.
  • More immersive cell phone games result from sensor combinations that provide fast and accurate motion input.
  • Image quality from HD cellphone camcorders benefits greatly from gyroscope assisted image stabilization.
  • Virtual reality browsing depends on sensors accurately positioning the device.
  • Location-based services rely on very precise motion sensors to accurately locate a user’s position in GPS-challenged areas, both indoors and outdoors.

mCube has developed the world’s first fully monolithic 3D silicon MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-Systems) motion sensors. By building silicon MEMS structures vertically on top of the drive electronics as an integral part of the CMOS IC fabrication process, mCube is able to achieve single-chip motion sensors with size, cost, performance, rapid customization and multi-sensor integration advantages over current generation technologies.

mCube was founded in September 2009, and is located in San Jose, California and Hsinchu, Taiwan. mCube investors include top-tier venture capital firms together with leading customers and suppliers in the consumer electronics industry.

mCube has offices in San Jose, California and Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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